M&M Cookie Recipe + Free Party Favor Printables

M&M Cookie Recipe + Party Favor Printable;

Kai and I have been going to a lot of birthday parties lately. Some have been so much fun, but they always pass out those little plastic toys that break after one use. Instead of passing out toys that will soon end up in the landfill, fill your guests bellies with a sweet parting treat. I recently made these M&M cookies. Although this particular recipe isn’t gluten free, you can easily substitute my favorite Gluten Free Pamela’s Pancake and Baking Mix as the flour and your sensitive kids (like my Kai-Kai) can enjoy.

These favors are so easy to create. All you have to do is purchase these fun chevron patterned paper cookie sleeves, print out a label from and slip in the cookie. The favor is inexpensive and kids are sure to dig it.

For a complete recipe and printable labels, go to


M&M Cookie Recipe + Party Favor Printable;

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