Pipe cleaner Fairy Craft

Pipe cleaner fairy craft;

It’s time to celebrate spring with pipe cleaner fairies!! They are so simple to make and oh so cute.

Materials needed:

  • wooden beads
  • paint
  • paint brush
  • pipecleaners
  • scissors
  • flower petals
  • craft foam
  • glue dots
  • skewer


step 1 copy

Step 1: Paint faces on wooden beads. Let dry (They dry quickly. The paint soaks into the wood fast.)

step 2 copy

Step 2: Bend a pipe cleaner in half. Wrap a second pipe cleaner around a pencil.

step 3 copy

Step 3: Insert a flower petal onto the bent pipe cleaner.

step 4 copy

Step 4: Slip the coiled pipe cleaner and the wooden bead onto the bent pipe cleaner above the flower petal.

step 5 copy

Step 5: Wrap another pipe cleaner around a skewer. Cut a tan pipe cleaner in 3rds.

step 6 copy

Step 6: Slide the pipe cleaner coil onto the tan pipe cleaner.

step 7 copy

Step 7: Slide the arms into the body coil pipe cleaner from behind.

step 8 copy

Step 8: Cut fairy wings out of the craft foam.

step 9 copy

Step 9: Punch holes into the craft foam fairy wings with a skewer.

step 10 copy

Step 10: Wrap a pipe cleaner into the craft foam holes and around the fairy’s body.

step 12 copy

Step 11: Cut strips of yarn and tie pony tails with extra pieces of pipe cleaners. Place the hair on the fairy’s head. Connect the hair to the head with the extra pipe cleaner coming out of the bead.

Pipe cleaner fairy craft;

Pipe cleaner fairy craft;

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