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DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

I love Christmas. But this year, we’re doing a smaller Christmas. Normally I go all out — giant tree, lots of decorations. This year, I’m simplifying it. But you know what else I’m doing different…I made Kai an advent calendar to help him count down to the big day. I’ve never done this before for

Gift Card and Stocking Stuffer Gift Wrap Ideas

Christmas is almost here. Let’s get our craft on. All you need is a few toilet paper rolls and washi tape, stamps, paper and whatever craft supplies you have on hand. Let’s get started… Use glue to write your kid’s names on the cardboard roll and then sprinkle glitter on top. Wrap the tube with wash

DIY Borax Crystal Geometric Ornaments

Turn a Christmas craft into a science experiment. All you need are pipe cleaners, Borax laundry powder, boiling water and a piece of string. It takes a few hours for the crystals to stick to pipe cleaners. So, you’ll want to let these sit over night. I love these because they are so colorful. Don’t