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DIY Mod Podge Glitter Bowl

As my husband would confirm, I’m always misplacing things around the house. My keys, sunglasses and even the Apple TV remote (I mean that thing is way too small). So, I thought I’d craft a catch-all bowl using glitter and Mod Podge. For a complete how-to go to (I love that site – and not

DIY Name for Bedroom Craft

About two years ago, I teamed up with Netflix and designed some letters for a kids’ bedroom using photos from your favorite book. You can do this with photos from a book, magazine, poster’s from your favorite band or sport. Anything really. It’s a cool way to personalize your kid’s bedroom. This is also great

DIY Family Photo Collage Coasters

Here is a fun project that I created for I thought it’d be a fun, little wacky addition of my living room. The craft, which can also be a fun gift, is less than $10. Score!!! All you have to do is cut out photos from a magazine, print out family photos and Mod

DIY Modern Flower Pot Family Craft

I’m so obsessed with these adorable flower pots that I created using paper and Mod Podge. The green one represents my son Kai, the yellow one me and the blue my husband Alex. I think they are so fun for a spring craft. Check out a complete how to on