These Back-to-School Hacks Will Make Your Life a Breeze

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It’s back to school time! Kai has been in class for a week and a half. The stress of homework and getting to school on time is upon us. yay! I recently came up with these back-to-school hacks for that is sure to make your life a little bit easier.

Here are some of my favorites:

school hacks -; thestir.comCHECKLIST

  • DIY Daily Checklist: Use an old photo frame and dry erase markers to check off the day’s must-dos like brush teeth, homework, bath. It’s a good reminder for your little ones so you don’t have to keep repeating hacks -; thestir.comHAND
  • Ease Separation Anxiety: Draw a heart on your child’s hand. Anytime he is anxious, he’ll look at his hand to remember how much you love him. school hacks -; thestir.comLOCKER DECOR
  • Locker Decor: First off, isn’t my niece Maggie so cute! I stole these photos of her from Instagram. Have your middle schoolers make inexpensive locker decor using clothes pins, magnets and washi tape!school hacks -; thestir.comSTICKER BOOK!!!!
  • Homework Motivation: Use gummy bears, pennies or stickers to motivate your kiddos to do their homework. Place them all over the page. Once she completes that section, she gets the sticker or gets to eat the gummy bear. school hacks -; thestir.comCLOTHES LABELS
  • Weekly Clothes Organizer: Make clothes hanger organizers with thick card stock and eliminate the morning “I have nothing to wear” drama. school hacks -; thestir.comCLOTHES LABELS
  • New School DIY Trapper Keeper: Remember Trapper Keepers when you were a kid? Make your own by wrapping extra large rubber bands around a binder. Then slip in pencils, rulers, scissors. It actually works!




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