Wish bracelets and anklets

wish bracelets handmade by kelly

This summer I’m obsessed with wish bracelets and anklets. The concept is simple: You tie them onto your wrist or ankle and make a wish. When they fall off your wish will come true.

Why spend 3x the amount of money in Urban Outfitters for the same type of bracelets when you can make a bundle for yourself and friends in just minutes? They are today’s version of friendship bracelets. I heart them!
wish bracelets materials

What you need:

Colorful cord, hemp, string, whatever you got

How you do it:

Simply braid three 24″ pieces (30″ if your making anklets) of cord together. When you’re 1/3 the way around your wrist tie a knot. Slip on a bead to one of the strands. Tie another knot. Do it again four more times. Then braid the last 1/3 of the way. Tie another knot. Then tie onto your wrist or ankle and make a wish.


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